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Complete Apartment Renovation

renovated kitchen
renovated kitchen
renovated room
renovated bathroom
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This project represents that typical project that is the HappyBart area of expertise. Whether a flat needs to be completely renovated or just slightly improved the scope of work remains very similar.

First, we always check the electrical system to see if it is wired using copper wiring (the modern standard), as well as if the cables and circuit breakers have the proper rating. Most apartments require at least a partial upgrade for the bathroom and kitchen, while fully rewiring the apartment allows you to customize the locations of all of your electrical points. This gives you the opportunity to install some electrical outlets under your desk area, bedside table light, or wall sconces to add that bit of personalization and convenience. In this particular case, a full electrical rewire was completed.

The kitchen was also reconfigured to allow for a new layout which involved relocating electrical and plumbing connections for the new sink, dishwasher, and electrical connections for each individual appliance including oven, cooktop, fume hood, under cabinet lighting. The one-sided kitchen design was chosen to allow space for a spacious dining area for the family next to the window, while the wall connecting the kitchen and hallway adjacent the living room was removed to create a unified feeling.

For the bathroom, a Paris metro subway tile and tile pattern was used in combination with a colorful yet sophisticated patterned floor print to keep the bathroom looking bright, yet interesting. The natural wooden vanity cabinet brought some warmth to the room, along with bathroom accessories which were later added.

Finally, all of the floors were sanded and refinished and then sealed with matt lacquer for a durable scratch-resistant finish. Since these were original pine floors, sanding these brought out a beautiful bright color that was hidden under years of heavy use. Adding a new Berliner-style baseboard and these floors are ready for the next 100 years of family fun and entertainment.

The entire project took 8 weeks from start to finish while we guided our client through all the key decisions, material selections, and options available at each stage of the project.